The House of Sustainable Housing (HSH)

A city that is made more sustainable and inclusive through a policy of fighting energy poverty

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In the local context of mainly old housing, which is often unsuited to new environmental challenges, and with a population that is more affected than others by energy poverty, Lille has created a unique place dedicated to sustainable building and refurbishment. Each year, it hands out € 750 000 of eco-conditional aid (i.e., subject to 40% energy savings being achieved after housing works, or 150 kwh/M²/year).


And since, in spite of this support, some owners are still not in a position to cover the rest of the expenses, Lille is planning on setting up a sponsored support fund, to cover the full cost of energy renovations.

A one-stop shop for all of the aspects of sustainable housing.

The HSH, which is open to both residents and professionals, offers personalized support that covers all aspects of sustainable housing, new or old: energy performance, comfort, living environment, health, environment, solidarity, and the fight against fuel poverty. It welcomes more than 10,000 visitors/year. It is a public resource center (document exhibition, events) where one may meet all of the housing professionals with permanent offices there: architects, lawyers, and social mediators come and complete the service offering.

Residents are involved and empowered using the "Do it yourself" principle.

It is a place of experimentation and demonstration, where numerous workshops are organized around the issues of renovation, self-rehabilitation, water and energy consumption handling, waste reduction, and indoor air quality. This skill increase promotes self-rehabilitation and makes it possible, on the same budget, to double the renovation capacity.

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