Concorde: a health-positive neighbourhood

Transform constraints into environmental risk reduction opportunities

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Concorde is a 23 ha working-class neighbourhood that houses 5600 inhabitants, 6 ha of which are located along the ring road. It is both one of Lille's greenest areas, featuring about 11 hectares of green space, and also among those that are most subject to major highways (exposure to constant noise, air pollution, neighbourhood enclosed between the highway and boulevard). The challenge is to make health a priority as this 100% social housing - neighbourhood from the 60’s is being redeveloped.

An urban renewal project that incorporates innovative health and urban planning so as to minimize the impact of the ring road's proximity

•The noise-reducing, farmed hill: redefines the relationship between the neighbourhood and the ring road by planning the building of an agricultural support equipment and noise screen. Putting urban agriculture in the heart of the neighbourhood will help give it a new identity and make it more attractive (through greenhouse creation, a plant nursery, sales and distribution points, product transformation, educational workshops, restoration...). The goal is to transform 6ha of sterile green spaces into places of food production.

•Engaging communication: makes it possible to reinforce the link between social landlords, city, and inhabitants, and to build trust among stakeholders. Rallying inhabitants and encouraging new gestures on a daily basis by encouraging recycling and fighting against food waste, which opens the door to sustainable food. The process beings with daily gestures. In 2017, 250 households took part in collective initiatives.

•Renewable energy production: incorporating a photovoltaic power plant into the acoustic screen, solar panels on greenhouses and housing roofs, micro-methanisation, and geothermal experiments.

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