Integrated Management Approach

A certificate of excellence that distinguishes the best European air energy policies

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Lille has joined the 1500 European local authorities-strong European Energy Award network by committing to the European Energy Award process. Lille is thus part of an ongoing improvement process and of multi-level environmental policy management. After its first audit, Lille met the European Energy Award level criteria; it was given the certification in 2014. It recommitted to 4 more years  in 2018 !

Lille’s Climate Plan induces a specific internal organization and dedicated project management.

A steering committee and a project team oversee and facilitate the process. Thematic workshops that bring together all of the managerial teams establish a clear picture of achievements, to bring up the difficulties that have been encountered, and to launch new initiatives. City teams actively participate in the European Energy Award process.

An ongoing improvement process

The City is supported for 4 years by a European Energy Award Counsellor, who carries out Lille's evaluation, following the implementation of the action program through an yearly city services visit (Maintenance, Contracting and public work, Urbanism, Housing and Urban Risks, Public space and living environment management, Finance/Markets, Real Estate Property Management, and the Communications Department), and who then submits their annual progress report.

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